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What Is Wife Sharing

What Is Wife SharingSome couples choose to live outside the confines of society by broadening their sexual opportunities. Wife sharing is practiced by modern couples who participate in the world of swinging sex. These healthy couples have decided to join the sexual revolution.

Swinging couples believe that sharing their partner can bring their sexual and intimate relationships to new levels. By con-sensually sharing lovers, swinging couples can learn more about their partner’s desires, and their own. Wife sharing and wife swapping are more specific terms for men who want to share their wives with other lovers. However, swinging sex refers to the sharing of both partners, and is more widespread throughout western culture.

What Are The Best Wife Sharing Websites

This page will explain in brief what wife sharing is about and what the pro’s and con’s are for it. Most wife sharing now takes place online, where couples use designated wife sharing websites to find matches. A simple search on Google for wife sharing sites turns up a lot of matches but most of these sites have very few members and, you will probably never meet another couple. The best wife swapping site, that i have encounters is www.swingersprofile.com. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It guides you through the process of what you are looking for. It has a monthly cost but you get what you pay for. It has millions of members looking for the same as you and are in thousands of locations world wide. Check it out for yourself.
One Of The Best Wife Sharing Sites Online

 The Pro’s Of Wife Sharing

There are so many pros and cons in participating in wife sharing activities. Some of the pros

  • Allowing you and your partner to explore your sexuality and sensuality in new ways that it is not easily accepted in traditional communities.
  • It is a good way for bi-curious women and men to discover their potential bisexuality without becoming drawn in the lesbian or gay community where many felt uncomfortable or unwelcome.
  • It allows both women and men the opportunity to reject monogamy
  • It allows individuals to explore and learn lots more about you sexual interests
  • It can enhance a couple’s relationship and their commitments to each other
  • It helps to build up a strong level of trust and security in each other
  • You can make many new friends
  • For many people watching, their partner being sexual with another is very arousing and hot

Wife Sharing | The Con’s Of Wife Sharing

  • It is not suitable for couples who are in a current relationship which is unstable and unhealthy.
  • Wife swapping can tear apart couples through insecurity, jealousy, or lack of honest communication
  • It is inappropriate for couples involve in wife sharing to cheat on their partner just like it is inappropriate for an individual in a monogamous relationship to cheat.

After discussion of the pros and cons of wife sharing, you and your partner should be able to determine and discuss if you are both ready for such relationships. Whether or not, you and your mate are compatible with wife sharing or even interested in it, remember being involved in wife sharing all parties must agree that the relationship is completely open and honest.

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